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Originally Posted by isp2952 View Post
Kiki, What Ernie said. I don't hesitate to use my electric heaters, when I'm in the coach. I don't leave them on when I'm not though. I use a small ceramic heater in the basement and one inside when we are not in the coach and it is parked in my garage. They are only turned on when I think the temp may drop too low in the garage. Usually keep the garage above freezing with the pellet stove I keep out there, but on occasion I run out or am just too lazy to fill it. Anyway, I don't know your situation of where you store it in the winter but if your outside the best bet is to just winterize it and forget it. I keep mine ready to travel all the time or I use it as guest quarters, so there is water in it all the time.
Thanks Jim, and Erine.
I was mainly concerned about the fire danger and relying on the systems that are in place to keep the pipes from freezing, and I wanted to get the source so I could turn my breakers on. I had the Bird in a heated warehouse this last winter but winterized anyway. I was hoping to use to coach more this winter and wanted to modify the existing systems(ie heat tape) so they were safe from fire or ice. There is a post by Jon C, about using some McMaster Carr heat tape in place of the existing stuff, I wasn't sure about the electric baseboards and if there is a better option.
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