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Originally Posted by ABBird View Post
My “new to me” SP36 has the twin bed, rear window configuration.
My previous SP had the center queen.

I have really enjoyed the twin bed arrangement. It’s much more conducive to bunking up with a friend, who isn’t a spouse or girlfriend

The rear window really makes the bedroom feel much more open—not like “going back into the cave to sleep”...

The PO, who bought this coach new, told me that the BB factory told him that they had only built 5 of the SP’s in this configuration, as of 1991 when he custom-ordered his coach.

I don’t know, of course, whether that is true, but, I just thought I would add to the “BB Lore” for anyone doing historical research on the models (for the record, so to speak). I do know that I have not seen any of the SP’s for sale (over the past 6 years that I have been watching) that have the rear window configuration.

Anybody else have a rear window in their SP?
Hello Dave, we got our bus from Dan and Mel and enjoy the rear window as well. Especially when our rear view camera quit working and had to ask my wife to look out the back when backing up. That's a whole other story
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