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Originally Posted by K Ridley View Post
Is your fuel solenoid a 2 wire or 3 wire? I have the 3 wire solenoid which has the white wire as the pull in wire. The white wire comes straight from the starter relay and doesn't go through the control box so no need to add the time delay in the control box. With your diagrams on the 3 wire solenoid the delay would be on the hold in wire. The 2 wire solenoid has internal switching between the pull in and hold in so I think wiring to your diagram would work with that. You would want to run the trigger from the starter relay position so the time delay starts when you release the start button.
This one has the two wire solenoid, that is pull in and hold in on the same wire. My method 2 triggers on the starter signal, so delay begins when you release the start button.
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