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Originally Posted by Shahin View Post
Has anyone tried one of these?...[/url]
Bird or house? The Schlage “electronic” deadbolt like THIS works well on a house. Not convinced hooking ones door lock up to the internet is such a good idea. However, any lock can be defeated or overcome by a determined crook.

For deterrent value with a coach that has full time internet, something like a Ring camera/door bell might work. Ring just came out with an much smaller version without the doorbell fiunction. Nice part about them is they are self contained and can be configured to keep/hold video off-site should an “event” happen. As long as both the coach and your phone have an internet connection, they’ll call you when motion around your coach is detected. At least one YouTuber has already installed one - If instant notification of activity isn’t a priority, standard side/rear view cameras can also be set up to record “activity” around the coach when parked -
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