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Default Xantrex 3012 - Discharging Batts while on Shore Pwr

Kinda an odd problem. My Xantrex 3012 is flipping to 'invert' mode while plugged into shore power and then discharging the new batteries to the low battery cut off point, then beeping like a beeping thing.

I would think it would be impossible for the inverter to drain the batteries as the contactors in the closet are powered by the shore power. I pulled the floor and opened up the contactor boxes and they are in shore power mode (coil energized) so the inverter shouldn't be able to send power to anything. I guess the inverter itself could bring the batteries down over time but it seems way to fast.

I'm going to pull the inverter out in the next few days just to make sure I didn't connect anything to the DC terminals of the inverter that I shouldn't. Good time to clean that compartment I guess. I'll check the resistance across the inverter AC input to make sure the inverter internal transfer switch hasn't failed. The inverter does click constantly when on shore power so that may be it. Joy...
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