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Originally Posted by Dennis View Post
I ask the because I have a front slide out seal leak, but have had this leak for almost 2 years (repaired it once, but it did not last) and the slide and Coach worked fine (aside from the hiss). One possibility is that the air leak in the front slide has become much worse and as such the air is leaking out much faster. But I would be surprised that a seal leak would disable the Coach from being driven because of low brake and air bag pressure.

Originally Posted by lnchaffin View Post
You can cut off all air to the slides by turning the dump valve on the air manifold. This will eliminate the slides leaking but you would be able to hear a leak that big.

My best guess is the problem is your slide air leak. The slide air leak is so large it is depleting all your air. I would follow the above recommendation. I do not have a slide coach and I don't know where he is speaking of.

My bird had difficulty in airing up the airbags, one side would air up faster than the other. I was losing air pressure while driving down the road fairly fast. Engine air compressor was cycling on a lot. When docked my aux was on all the time. The leaks that I found at the two PPV valves seemed really really small, and I thought that I must have a larger leak somewhere, but no, those two small leaks were all it took to bring the air system to its knees. I am not saying you have a PPV leak, but your slide air seal leak could easily be the source of all your headaches.
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