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Dennis, I can tell you that several of us have had problems with "Check Valves" in that area going bad. There is a check valve on the air tank and one on the 120v aux compressor. I have had both of mine go bad and cause problems but not similar to the conditions you are having.

I really think if your "Main Engine" compressor is working normally and you let your coach set at 'High Idle" for a few minutes and you have a leak some where you should still pump up to over 100psi. I am confused as to why you can't get over 75psi. That just doesn't seem possible unless you have like a hose blown off and you definitely should hear that. Something really strange is going on and you really need a tech to look at it. You said Aux compressor will not pump up system either so that mean you have a problem in the air dryer or some where after that. Both the engine compressor and 110v compressor sends air straight to air dryer. I mentioned to you having your dryer serviced....maybe it is stopped up if it has never been serviced in 7 years??? If you have never done it then maybe it has never been done?
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