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Default Repairing Fuel low and fuel contamination sensors.

My sensors on the fuel tank had corroded enough that one of the spade connectors broke off in each sensor. I located them new from a Robertshaw distributor for $156.00 EACH! After my Chief Financial Officer regained her balance and said "We'll put them on the list, but I don't know when.....".

So I figured I couldn't lose by trying to repair them. I removed them and only got one armpit full of fuel! I then took my Dremel tool and did some micro-surgery and exposed the little stub that the spade was attached to:

I gently soldered a wire to the stub, put an extension on the other lead, and sealed it all in silicone with heatshrink around the sides.

Ugly but sealed:

I installed each one within an FS electrical box epoxied around the sensor to the fuel tank so it would be protected from corrosion and damage from armadillos failing the road test!

Have to use some fuel before I can test the fuel low light! And there is no water in the sump!

.Ya'll drive Safely!
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