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Hello, I have been looking on the blue prints, the owners manuals. Online and I can't figure out the what type of lamps I need for my Lx. I won't have it behind my home till after the WOG.

I want to try to kill two birds with one stone. Brighter headlights with lower draw. I found a low heat lamp I wan to try.

Anybody can tell me what the low and high beams lamps are for my 03Lx please.
Bump. Maybe it help if I moved this to Electrical?

I will have the coach back for 48 hours (this weekend) to turn around and head of for the WOG. I love to get the LED lights in if I can get them from Amazon (in time). Wife is enjoying it out on Sanibel Island to the end of the week. I hope I can get it off the island. The VP (Pence) is coming to his place and that shuts down the entire island for a day when he comes and another day when he goes.
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