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Default New tires question

I need to get a new set of tires. Looking online, there's a plethora of people offering them mail order, but I'm concerned about getting fresh ones. Does anyone have any insights about achieving this goal? After all, once you have 8 tires on your front doorstep, returning them could be problematical if they have old date codes on them
The other thing is...which ones? I seldom drive over 55mph (conserving fuel, I'm a cheapskate) so although Michelins are nice, I'm looking to the more economical brands. I'm running on Toyo steer & Firestone drive & tag right now, with a Hankook(?) spare (unused), & they're all between 7 and 8 years old, how she was shod when I got her. I'll probably get all 8 the same, as some places offer a discount for a full set (see? Cheapskate!), so does anyone have a recommendation as to brand? Also, is there a market for used 7-year-old tires with plenty of tread left on them?
Lastly, does it matter if I have the same tires on all axles? Looking at the specs, some say recommended for steer, can be used steer, drive or trailer, and the documentation for the PT-40 recommends slightly different specs for each axle, I think. (I'm out of state, Reno, for work for a couple of weeks, & the Shadow & all her documentation are back in Salt Lake; it's not that I'm too lazy to go out & look!).
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