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Default Drive axle tire OK for tag & steer?

Thanks all for your advice. I've been perusing the (many) tire size threads & checking online vendors as well as local retailers. So far my best bet is, they carry tons of brands, the well-known ones as well as some I've never heard of; probably the Chinese knock-off's I've read about.
One that looks promising is a Yokohama TY023; it's a 295/75R 22.5, 16ply with a H load rating. does that sound like it would work for the PT-40 all round? The price isn't too bad, $343 each (plus tax) with $70 per tire shipping, & right now there's a 10% summer sale going on. They also have a TY517 at $293 with the same specs, but it's listed as a drive axle tire. Could I use it on all axles?
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