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Originally Posted by Dieselbird01 View Post
For what it’s worth. My 84 ½ PT-36 owner’s manual had the following caution: To avoid placing excessive loading on the tag axle, dump tag before dumping suspension system (front and rear axles). Pressurize suspension before tag axle. That’s the way I dumped and re-filled the air suspension on the 84 ½ for the 8 years or so that I owned it.

For the first 9 months that I owned my 91 Bird I dumped and re-filled the air suspension using the tag dump and suspension dump switches just like I used to do on my 84 ½. While at the Bird’s nest a few weeks ago I mentioned to Jessie Gibson in technical support, how much longer it took for the rear of my 91 to raise to ride height compared to my 84 ½. I explained that I was dumping and filling the suspension the same way I had always done on my 84 ½. Jessie told me that on my 91 the main suspension dump switch controls the front, rear and tag axle air suspension simultaneously and that the tag axle is supposed to assist in lifting the coach to ride height. He said that the only time I need to use the tag dump switch on my 91 is to let the air out of the tag axle air bags for maneuvering or extra traction. He said that dumping and filling my 91 with just the main suspension dump switch would not put any excessive load on my tag axle. After reading my owners manual a little more carefully I found that it said basically the same thing that Jessie said. I tried it and the tag axle suspension does indeed dump and re-fill when using just the main suspension dump switch - the tag pressure gauge verifies this. I have since been using just the main suspension dump switch to dump all of the air bags at the same time and then using the main suspension switch to re-fill them all at the same time. The whole coach raises to ride height much quicker now. I don’t know when they tied the tag dump operation in with the main suspension dump or which models work like this but some of you may want to re-check your owner’s manuals to see if you really even need to be using the tag dump switch for normal dumping and filling of the suspension air bags.
I noticed the same thing on my '92. I was always told by other Wanderlodge owners to air up just like you stated for the '84. But when I did that, the back end never comes up until I engage the tag axle dump switch. When I talked to others they said something had to be wrong with my coach. So glad to hear that it is working as it is suppose to work. I have always waited until my AIR pressure gauge got to around 100 and then flipped the main dump switch to air up the suspension. Then when I detect that the front axle was aired up I would flip the tag. So now I will leave the tag alone and just flip the main from now on unless I need to dump the tag for tight turns.

Thanks for info.
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