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So, back on this - turned out unresolved issue! What is the “Blair Light Switch”?

Few I’m December while driving through TX I bought a headlight switch online, by the time we got to CA, the problem went away, meaning all the lights and switches started functioning as they should the next morning once we drove a few hundred miles the problem didn’t repeat itself!

Well, until yesterday! Got ready to go out to dinner for my birthday and as I started pulling out of the driveway in the car, I saw the yellow parking lights were on! I went in and rocked the headlight switch and turned the key in the ignition a couple of times and outside lights went off but now all the back lights on the gauges on both upper and lower dash stay on along with the infamous blue headlight warning light! They stay on even when I turn off the AT switch or cut all power to the coach- well short of disconnecting all batteries assuming AT switch does more or less the same!

I still have the headlight switch I got on Amazon in TX but now I’m not sure if that headlight rocker switch is the issue!

Any and all ideas for trouble shooting is appreciated.
Shahin Khosravi

1991 PT40WB
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