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A few weeks ago I rebuilt all 4 of my landing lights. Soaked the well with penetrating fluid and let them sit over night. Broke 2 bulbs getting them apart. Two of mine were plastic and 2 were metal. I sand blasted the entire housing and parts. Mine had so much corrosion that I actually had to use bondo to make the outside metal housings smooth again. Then I used epoxy primer to seal all parts. I repainted the outer housings to match the coach and they look like factory. When I took everything apart, 2 of the gaskets were not usable. I'm in the swimming pool business and I found that the gaskets we use for an underwater spa light were a perfect fit. So I replaced the broken gaskets with these. When I reassemble the lights, I used new stainless steel bolts and coated them with the silver anti-seize that you would use on manifold bolts, etc. I used 12 volt landscape bulbs from Lowes. I also cut the terminals ends off the wires and replaced them. Took a few days to complete the job, but they turned out great and work like original.

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