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Default Kohler 12.5 electrical issues

79 FC35XV

Just acquired this beauty. I haven't posted yet because it seems every question I have had so far has already been answered. Thank you for having such an awesome forum. Now to my problem. I had a perfectly good running generator until two days ago. I had the generator start battery out and went to put it back in. Noticed the battery charging switch on the control panel which had "high" on the top, "low" on the bottom and "off" in the middle. It was on high, I switched it to off and hooked up the battery. A minute later I noticed some smoke coming out of the control box. Don't know if its related to that battery charging switch or not, just thought I would mention it since it was the only thing I had changed.

Symptoms: No start using the switch indoors. Used to hit the switch and the gauge lights, and gauges would come on, engine would start. Now no lights at gauges and no clicking sounds of relays or solenoids. I can start the engine by crossing terminals at the start solenoid but it will not stay running. With the control box cover off, I put a multi-meter on one of the AC legs and it showed voltage with the engine running while holding the start solenoid. However the cooling fan doesn't come on so its not getting AC.

I believe the problem lies on the DC side prior to the starter but where to start? I hope its something simply like one of those relays but how do I tell which one? What is the start sequence/checks this thing goes through? How do the HWT and LOP switches work?

I have a manual in my blue box however it only addresses the generator's engine and doesn't contain anything about the control box. The control box number is worn off so can't read that.
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