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I think perhaps you are concentrating on the wrong side of this subject. There is no way to compare a 1kw Honda portable generator to an on board Perkins generator. I've dry camped with Honda generators in my days with travel trailers and 5th wheels. Had two Honda EU 2000 which I paralleled and while they will do a lot they will not do what a typical Perkins or similar in a class A motor home will do, be it a BB or SOB.

The biggest issue I think is the number of Kilowatts of power you need and the depth of your wallet.

Honda makes a fine product and a couple of them will run one roof air conditioner and perhaps a couple other small AC appliances like a TV. If you want to completely power your BB you are going to be looking at a 8 to 10 Kilowatt generator and BIG bucks.

Two Honda's maybe $3500. A CAT or ONAN generator built for Class A use. I would just guess $10K or more. Most likely more considering instillation.

I owned a 1973 with the original ONAN gasoline generator which it came with. I think it was 6.5 Kilowatts. It was mounted mid coach and it was pretty noisy in the coach. Outside the coach, more so. Vibration is really more of a problem then the noise its self.

Nice thing about the Honda's you can position them some distance from the coach which is a help. Bad news is they are not nearly as convenient to use.
They may be the most practical solution for you. You will need at least 3 to 4 Kilowatts to do any air conditioning at all. You could pick up a couple used ones perhaps. I sold mine I think for $2000 with the paralleling device. I would not buy the EU 3000 because it's too heavy to lift. (Unless you have a way around that)

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