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Default Litterpan in the shower

While I hope to rectify the situation sooner rather than later, I have no experience owing a Bluebird. I do, however, have extensive experience with wives.

There’s no doubt about it. If I told my wife she had to shower with a cat litter pan or hold something open with her foot while she was sitting on the commode she would simply tell me “thanks, have a good trip.” She is perfectly comfortable traveling in our old Cadillac, stopping for restroom breaks at rest stops and sleeping in hotels.

I’ve already lied to her and told her that we would never have to dump the tanks or worry about running out of water. That, I’ve told her, is included in the “lifetime support” provided by Bluebird. Tires too, and they get 20 mpg!

I’ll eventually get around to telling her that the factory is closed.

I’m going to Hell…I just know it.
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