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Default 96 S60 Intermittent Check Engine Light

My Check Engine Light has been flicking on and off since Texas and we are now in Pahrump, Nv.. It started as occasional, two days ago it was on for the first 40 miles then off for the rest of the day. Yesterday it was on after about 10 minutes, off for a 10 mile 6% pull, then on most of the day until coasting down a long hill near the end of the trip.

Silverleaf diagnostic shows a fuel temp high voltage on initial engine start, but this doesn't come in and out like the check engine light. That's the only code.

Temps and oil pressure are normal.

Noticed the racor reading to be quite low even during pulls indicating maybe a plugging primary fuel filter. Is there a sensor on that which is pinging the alarm?

Can't seem to find the right print to quit going in circles.

Does this check engine light get triggered by the DDEC or is it a Bluebird monitoring setup that triggers this light?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions or clarification.
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