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While Andy may be correct,i would check the coolant level first,its easy to check and needs checking anyway.
The Silverleaf coolant level gage will go to 0% and back to 100% if the level switch is becoming intermittently uncovered. It's been replaced and is new also, but its just a switch, there is no actual level indication like the Silverleaf would lead you to believe. But, if you fill the expansion tank until the sight glass shows coolant when cold, that bus will just puke it right out when it gets hot until it reaches its happy point. I waisted a lot of coolant refilling until I figured that out and just left it alone. Just watch the Silverleaf for a 100% reading. Now if it goes to 0% and stays there when hot, the DDEC will generate a flash code because the switch is uncovered and it needs coolant.

Come by and we'll fix it, I'm getting bored anyway!

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