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Originally Posted by badandy View Post
I'll just drive down and park at your place then My biggest problem is that I am not confident enough to jack the thing up here since it's on gravel. It is OK if it stays cold enough to be frozen, but it's got a lot of moisture in it and when it gets above freezing for a day or two it gets soft again. Not ideal.
Yea weather is nice so far... some rain tomorrow, but the weekend is looking good.. Yea ground is a problem.. I could not pour concrete due to permitting issues. So I put down heavy base of crushed asphalt and then covered with crushed shell so it looks decent.. It is packed down really good and I do not have any issues with setting up on it... well other than its not nice to crawl around on.. I have a sheet of plywood I put down so I am not working on the shell.

Originally Posted by birds_first View Post
My 2 cents, check the nut size on the bags, go buy 2 wrenches of the same size, ACE hardware. Cut one wrench in half, because you can not get a full swing on the nuts to loosen them with a full wrench. Your 2nd wrench heat it up with a torch and bend it about 30 degrees in the middle this will allow you to get to the rear bags without removing the wheel on the drive axle. Once you get the bird jacked up and tools ready it is a hour or so on each bag. I also had to take a wheel grinder to the box end of my bent wrench to get it to fit the nut on the rear. BB drilled the hole off center on my street side mount. Don't know if it was a Monday morning thing or a brainfart in engineering. Be safe and good luck.
Originally Posted by ChrisRasman View Post
Watch Jeff's video. I already bought the Tite Reach. See how fast he gets those bags out.
Yea the tite reach does a really good job getting to the top bolts on the bags, still have to use a 12 point box end wrench on the bottom bolt. I sped up the removal of the bottom bolt by just breaking it loose and then spinning the air bag instead of turning the wrench. Can reverse that for installation, spin it on until it gets close to tight. Then line up the top two bolts and get them started then finish tightening up the bottom bolt with the box end wrench.
Tite reach makes short work of tightening the top bolts with an impact..

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