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Originally Posted by Zog View Post
My Yanmar-Kohler 12.5 just got hard to start and now usually won't run for more than a few seconds. In doing a little trouble shooting, I notice that I don't hear the pump run when I hold the switch on the gen panel to Prime. I do hear the relay click. Should I be able to hear the Facet pump running while I hold the Prime switch?

Going to change all the filters on the Gen, the Racor, and the oil to eliminate all those possible issues. But wanted to check on the fuel pump while I'm at it.

Thanks for any help!
You should be able to hear the pump when you hold the prime switch. There is a second pump mounted beside the Racor for the generator (behind the bumper). Personally I cant hear the one by the Racor run, but that is just one of many things I cant hear anymore. You can crack a bleeder screw and try them one at the time to check operation. You say the generator only runs for a few seconds. Does the start/stop switch illuminate when it does that?
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