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Originally Posted by Mikenjackie View Post
Need advice...I let my fresh water tank empty, now I've refilled it but I'm not getting water flow using the pumps. I can hear/feel them running, but no water. Everything works using city water directly. I'm thinking airlock, is there a way to "bleed" the pumps?
May not apply to a 97 WB but this is what I do when there’s air trapped in the pumps in my 91 WB.

1) Fill switch “off”

2) Leave the hose for the city water hooked to the coach but turn off the water valve at the campground post to shut off the city water.

3) Turn off both water pumps.

4) Open all the faucets (hot and cold) including the shower.

5) When the water stops flowing move on to step 6.

6) If you have a selector switch that allows you to run one pump at a time or both pumps together, set the switch to run just one pump. If you don’t have a selector switch you may have to disable one pump at a time.

7) Turn the water pump switch on and let just the one pump run until you’re getting good flow out of the faucets.

8) Turn off the water pump switch and wait until the water stops flowing.

9) Disable the pump that you just ran and enable the second pump.

10) Turn the second water pump on and let it run until you’re getting good flow out of the faucets.

11) At this point both pumps should be primed, so close all of the faucets and see if each pump will build enough pressure to turn itself off.

If that doesn’t work, check sporlan valve.
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