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a little update, I haven't actually fixed anything but I am getting an education that I thought I might share a little of, after my many false starts I figured I would hook up a generator to shore power and see if I could diagnose some of what I thought were my electrical problems. there is a honda eu3000 sitting here that I thought I would hook up as see what things I could analyse. Well didn't that open a whole new can of worms until I stopped and questioned the generator? Floating ground meant that nothing in the bus seemed OK as voltage was everywhere it wasn't supposed to be and wasn't to be found in places it should have been.

Turns out its a very easy solution was to simply make a jumper between the neutral and ground on one plug and then the it operated everything on the bus just fine and it appears I have no actual wiring issue at all. SHOULDA KNOWN!

SO now back to the generator. just a little bit smarter!
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