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Dale, You have 2 banks of electrical power, look in your breaker box and you will see a left & right bank. In some older parks they had 30 amp service some offered dual 30 amp service. Now most parks offer 50 amp service. On 30 amp you can not use all services on your bus at the same time without tripping breakers, with 50 amp you can use just about everything. With the 50 amp it is split between the 2 legs. Most of us have a cheater or an adapter from a 30 amp male to a 50 amp female were you can use 30 amp service through your 50 amp cord split between the 2 legs, but you still can not use all services. It is just less hassle then the 2 cords. I have a 50 amp cord with a 30 amp male and I use it when in a 30 amp park. With it I can run front & rear heat or air but I can not run both heat/airs and the micowave at the same time. It will trip a breaker. Now I just carry the 50 amp cord & the 50 amp with the 30 amp male connector. I leave the 2 -30 amp cords at home.
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