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Originally Posted by BrianS View Post
Maybe I don't understand how this board works, but I see a problem with searches. These birds have changed significantly over the years, and my 97 is probably vastly different from someone's newer or older model. Now the problem: for instance, if I search the board for some information, and I see so-and-so write what I want to know, and down below, it says he owns the same year as mine, I will assume that info is correct for my situation. But it is conceivable that he owned an earlier model bird when he wrote that, and the info applied to that year bird, and not the bird he currently owns. So how do you tell what year model the poster is referring to? I hope I made this understandable.
Brian, I agree that can be problematic. But when an owner changes models he changes his signature and I doubt that can be changed. So, the only reasonable alternative is to have patience, read the threads and post thoroughly, to see what the thread and poster are talking about. Whether it is a 1983 FC he had or the 1997 WB the owner now has.

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