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We never did any recovery work over in Dixie county.
Dixie county was a good place to not be,when the sun went down.
Even though i was a "cracker" with a known family name.
Back in those years the pot was flowing through Dixie county,everybody knew it,but nobody did anything about it.
It was a very clannish area,not like the KKK,but family stuff.
New comers were never trusted and only old cracker family's lived over there.

It was one of the poorest countys in Fl,but it seemed like the ford dealer was sure selling lots of new trucks,and the airboat business was good,real good.

Before the pot became the fish to catch the men over there were all fisherman,crabbers and mullet fishing,and oysters.
They all used old home made wood boats with any old car engine sitting in them,with a prop shaft stuck out the back.
Nobody could afford an outboard motor.
The airboats were the same,plywood hulls and real small aircraft engines,even model A ford engines and home made wooden props.
Poor people have poor ways.

The Fish Cops all had airboats but they were small and underpowered,they patrolled the marsh and the creeks looking for people poaching deer and hogs and catching fish without license's.
After the pot runners came in they tried to police that too,but man were they ever out of their league.
Those old crackers were making huge money,and they were not giving it up.

Heres how it worked.
The drug boats came in to shore and the airboats picked it up and ran it into the marsh,down the creels and over the mudflats to the highways,where a truck would be waiting to take the bales.

The redneck airboats by this time had big aircraft engines and big car engines,they were way faster than the Fish Cop boats and the Fish cops could not run through the saw grass,the red necks had enough power to run the grass,and the dry areas,so they simply ran into the grass with the dope and waited for the cops to leave.
They could both see each other,sitting and waiting,but the cops could do nothing.
The crackers were all fisherman,they were used to waiting,one thing a fisherman knows how to do is wait.

Pretty soon the cops would leave and then it was game on.

Later on the pot was brought in by airplane and kicked out over the marsh,into the saw grass,the airboats picked it up and ran it to shore.

Fishing down around Cedar Key in the 70's it was common to see bales floating.
Heck,even up into the mid 80's bales were still floating in those waters.

The small town shops even sold T-shirts that had boats on them with bales on board and the shirts said "save the bales".
No whales in Fl.!
The locals called the bales "square grouper".

When we spotted a bale we hauledass the other way,no way we wanted to mess with those guys!

Interesting times..
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Randy Dupree
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