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Originally Posted by Doubledoc View Post
We had a second failure of our smart voltage regulator while on recent trip. The voltage shot up to 31-32 Volts on the 24 v dc side and half that on the 12 V side as it had done before. The failed regulator lasted about 2 yrs. I believe that the location of the regulator behind the wall in the rear closet, may be the problem. During the summer heat the location may exceed the 145 degree F max limit for the Balmar MC-624 LN unit. This unit is no longer in production and replacements are limited.
Balmar makes a MC-624 regulator which seems to do the same function but with different connectors, so some modification may be required.
I am thinking about moving the regulator to inside the closet to reduce ambient temperature.
I would absolutely move it and perhaps even add a small (computer fan?) fan that is thermostat controlled. I'm with you, it sounds like the extreme temps are greatly shortening its life.....

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