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Default More on Regulator failure

I found that the compartment behind the rear bedroom closet (and above the engine room bay ceiling) is ventilated by a Nicro Vent 12v dc 15 CFM fan located on the curbside roof) which is longer available and was not working. Apparently the failure of the regulators (twice) was due to temps above 145 F. There are a lot of other electronics in the compartment- engine, tranny, multiplex etc.

An entrance 12 v dc power vent fan (50 CFM) with ducting and a similar exit power vent fan have been added. Marine SS grilles were placed below and on each side of the backup camera on the outside of the rear cap. The 12 v dc power is controlled by a thermo switch, a manual switch and the ignition. All parts cost less than half of the nicro vent solar powered vent replacement The original nicro vent will remain as a non powered vent.
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