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Originally Posted by Steelwheels View Post
Hey Bill, when you get a chance can you explain what you carry with you to deal with the coolant that needed to come out and did you use a impact wrench or just muscle everything. Any tips would be appreciated for having stuff on board to deal with something like this.
Kiki, not sure that I carry anything special or different than others. Big tools (sockets, wrenches, breaker bars, etc), regular tools including some metric for the Onan, impact gun and air hose long enough to reach anywhere on bus, moving blanket for working and laying on, headlamp for hands-free working, Finn belt tightening tool, pry and cheater bars, multimeter, copper fittings and some tubing, hardware, plenty of rags and a roll of shop towels, drill, drop light, spare parts, safety vest and rechargeable spot light. My radiator hose are long enough that I don’t have to drain coolant. Gates has a size chart online to choose the best hoses for your needs.
Basically any small parts that been discussed on WOG and tools to change them. I have four of KC’s yellow bins with parts up in the roof top pod. Gives some confidence when on the road far from home.
Hope this helps.

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