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Default Powertech Service for your Generator

Power Tech products are the pinnacle of perfection in power generation. We are one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of mobile diesel generators.

Power Technology Southeast, Inc.
634 State Road 44
Leesburg, Florida 34748
Phone: (352) 365-2777
Fax: (352) 787-5545
Toll-Free 800-760-0027
For more information, please contact one of the persons listed below:
Generator Sales -
Parts Sales -
Service Manager - Jeff Jones-

120V VOLTAGE REGULAT..> 15-Jun-2010 12:27 262k
120V-240V VOLTAGE RE..> 15-Jun-2010 12:27 888k
POWERTECH 15KW genny..> 15-Jun-2010 12:27 213k
PT - 8-10-12 KSI OPE..> 11-Jul-2010 13:36 2.8M
PT-20KSI-2 manual 4 ..> 11-Jul-2010 13:35 966k
PTS MH-17.5 PTS MH-2..> 15-Jun-2010 12:27 4.9M
PTS OPERATORS MANUAL..> 11-Jul-2010 13:38 5.7M
PTSMH - 15-17.5-20 O..> 11-Jul-2010 13:38 5.5M
PTSMH-15-20manual.pdf 11-Jul-2010 13:39 1.6M
PTSMH15-17.5-OPERATO..> 11-Jul-2010 13:40 5.5M
READ FIRST PTS MH-17..> 15-Jun-2010 12:27 1k

Here is a typical Kubota engine oil dip stick location, yours may be slightly different.

Wanderlodge Owners Group > Mechanic's Corner > Generators > POWERTECH 15KW genny part numbers

Updated Powertech Parts List and Relay Bypass Fix
I've updated and combined the parts numbers here in this thread, please check through them and let me know if I need to make any additions or changes.

Powertech Generator 15KW Model: PTSMH-15BB

Fuel Pump;
  • Kubota #476459
Idler Pulley;
  • NAPA #7-05218
Fuel Shutoff Solenoid;
  • Powertech #05S0LKIT3 $176.53 + Freight
  • WOODWARD [SYNCRO START] Model; KUBOTA 3A W/1751ES P/N SA-4260-12
Fuel filter;
  • BB #3970860
  • NAPA #3390
  • Powertech #08FF081
  • Kubota #70000-43081
Oil filter;
  • BB #3970878
  • NAPA #1515
  • Baldwin #B5
  • Powertech #01FO091
  • WIX #51068
  • Kubota #70000-32091
Air filter;
  • BB #3838158
  • Donaldson #ECB05-5001
  • Powertech #04FA080
  • Kubota #70000-11080
Water Pump;
  • Kubota #15521-73035
Water Pump Gasket;
  • Kubota #15766-73430
Fan Belt;
  • With Idler Pulley;
  • Powertech #03BF9447 $22.97
  • Kubota #15469-97010 or #15469-73010 (not specified idler or alternator)
  • NAPA #XL 25-9447 Dimensions; 31/64"X44-7/8" (12.5/13mm X 1140mm)
  • With Alternator;
  • Powertech #03BF0203
Low Oil Pressure Shutdown Switch 2 Pole;

Powertech #SM-19A-10R/ATV
Voltage Regulator;
  • Powertech #06REG634AVC - BASLER 63-4 AVC63-4 $295.50
Radiator Hoses:
  • Upper - Powertech #03HS0203U
  • Lower - Powertech #03HS0203L
Oil Capacity;
  • Crankcase Oil Sump and Filter 8.5 Qts. (8.04L)

Originally Posted by GARY,M View Post
Ive read all the treads on this and noticed my bleeder valve is closed tight .i may have done this .cant remember.and i read that it should be cracked just a hair .is that true on all powertechs powered by kabota? And yes tank is full.

1991 SP-36
Originally Posted by GregOConnor View Post
the kubota is self priming when you open the valve. allowing the lift pump to push the fuel back to the tank via this path. with the valve open the lift pump must keep up with both supplying the burn fuel and the bypass. I keep this valve slightly open all the time because I have a supply backflow problem and the lift pump is at the engine not at the supply. I think if it runs better withthe valve open it is overcomming an airleak issue like I have.

here is a video tip from a pro

Powertech Generator won't start

I have a Powertech 10KW generator with a Kubota engine. It would not start the second day while day camping and I thought my battery had run down too much. When trying to start it, it hit about 2 licks and then went dead and nothing would happen. I tried every switch to turn it on (there are several) including the one on the side of the generator thinking I might have a bad switch but none of them worked. I clicked the reset button on and off, still no results.

I tried the battery switch to use the engine batteries (I know those are in great shape) instead of the coach batteries, still nothing. I took off the cables from the battery and cleaned them very well but did not try to start it at that point (figured I'd have more time the next day if the problem continued)

Then I tried the switch on the dash again after runnning down the road awhile the next day and heard the generator come on. Weird, but I thought it might just be a voltage problem and with my coach batteries charged back up from the alternator (if indeed that was the problem) I'd be fine. (always an optimist)

Well, after getting parked I tried it again. Won't start.

Maybe its a ground problem but I don't see where the ground is attached to that Kubota engine. Does anyone know where that attaches or have any other suggestions?




OK, it's amazing how much good information one can get just by calling the companies.

I talked with Jeff Jones at Powertech. He told me to take off the cover to the control box (big rectangular box on the top in the front)and look inside and find a clear yellow tinted relay. This is the generator stop/shutoff relay. He said it was designed originally to prevent someone (like grandkids) from trying to start the generator while it was already running. He said those relays tended to quit after awhile so they don't even use them anymore. Attached to it are 2 blue wires, one black wire and one white wire. He told me to take off the two blue wires, cut off the connector ends and butt splice them together, effectively bypassing that relay.

Preheated the generator, it cranks up no problem.

Excellent! Even dummies can fix some things.

Now back to installing the connector I bought for the heater hose that was leaking. I sure hope that puddle I'll have to lay in dries out before this afternoon.

Lee Davis

Engine I.D. and Parts Ordering info.
Attached Thumbnails

Originally Posted by iamflagman View Post
I called Powertech and talked to Jeff about setting up an appointment for some service work on my transplanted Powertech, Jeff informed me at this time they do not have a service tech anymore and didn't seem to be actively looking for one either, Mickey no longer works for them. He told me to call;

Van-Mor, Inc.
1703 SW 42nd Ave
Ocala, FL. 34474
PO Box 244
Ocala, FL. 34478
Phone: (352) 732-8524

I called and talked to Gerald and set up my appointment for the first week in January on my way to Clearwater for that rally, I'll post a report on the results. I talked to Randy and he said that he knew of Van-Mor and they have been in the specialty conversion business for years and they also have a fairly new and very large inside service department.

I made the trip to Ocala for the generator noise problem, which the two techs figured was the rear bearing as they had heard this noise in other Powertech's that they had worked on in the past. After removing the complete generator and drawer from my 'Bird shown below is what was involved in the repair, I was a little surprised by the amount of rust in that area, but I have been told that Powertech says that normal condensation can occur inside of the generator and if is allowed to just sit there it will create this situation, their solution is to exercise the generator more often to build up heat in that area which will in effect burn off the moisture, this generator has a little over 2000 hour on it and I'll make a point to exercise it more often as it took the two techs 8 hours to complete th job, nothing came apart easily for them and I sat there and performed my normal SUPERVISION from a chair that they provided for me the whole time except for my normal afternoon nap

The bearing that was removed was a HZ 6207RS we looked for a Timken bearing that would fit, but could not find one available locally, so a KOYO 62072RSC3 bearing was used, KOYO bearings are manufactured in Japan.


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