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Well guys the good news is that I have removed the actuator and the door now functions and is manually lockable. I have found the manufacturer of the part and have e-mailed them and am waiting on a reply. They can be reached at and the actuator is a Valeo 5845877.
As for opening the locked door (which they always freeze in the locked position) there are four rollers that hold the door closed. Take the appropriate allen cut it down to fit and a 7/16 socket and remove the top two rollers and the door will open. Be careful when you open the door that the two loose bars don't fall against the coach and scratch it. Then open the back panel on the door after cutting the two wires separately and then you can get at everything. When I get prices I will update everyone.

Randy thanks for the offer if these new ones don't pan out I'll let you know and as far as the white hair who would of thought we would be the old timers?
Butch 92WB
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