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Originally Posted by badandy View Post
So how hot is too hot when you're idling? I've seen this play out about 500 times. Trash the electric fan and go to an OEM setup with a proper shroud, fan, and clutch. If you're doing some kind of racing you can spend cubic pesos on high powered electric fan setups if you desire. I don't know what fan you got, but it's not enough.
About 240, then she pukes all over the place. I don't have the overflow bottle in place because he took that space up with extra grounds and shut off switches. Gotta find room to put it back in. He found a pulley in a box of parts and now thinks it might be too big and not turning the regular water pump fast enough. I might also get a highflow water pump.
I just wish I knew if it was the power steering pump or gear that failed.
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