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Finished the LED tubes in the five single Thinlite fixtures in the living area today and began on the day/night blind project, all but one of the old ones had been removed and discarded by the P.O. Nice to have blinds on the driver and co-pilot/door windows. Great sale right before New Year's from Blinds Chalet made it affordable, too (well, sorta). Pics when I'm a bit further along.

Need to decide what lighting to put in the valances above the airline cabinets in the living area as well as behind the valance in the master as these are wired 110V and not 12V, currently they are bare florescent tubes and I don't like 'em. I'm thinking I can hide some track lighting in there with cans illuminating the ceiling. It would have been nice if BB had left well enough alone and left these 12V off the switch as in earlier coaches, the arrangement is currently switch on a 12V switching 110V relay over the driver like the baseboard heaters so running 12V to the passenger's side might be more trouble than it's worth.
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