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Default Lee Davis Replaces his Aquahot/Webasto Bearings Part 1

Originally Posted by Lee Davis View Post

Now if John would only post those pictures of the Aquahot bearing replacement procedure....

Sorry John, I couldn't help myself.

Come on Lee it has only been 2 years!

Lee Davis Replaces his Aquahot/Webasto Bearings....
with a little help from Ed Nowokunski, Hish Amaral and John Wyatt:
Lee Davis:

My Aquahot was blowing the main 15 amp fuse (number “F” fuse I believe) every time I tried to start it which knowledgeable people said was a sign of motor resistance and I probably needed a new motor or bearings or both.

Much of an Aquahot is mostly Webasto parts and you can buy those much cheaper from a Webasto dealer like WW Williams (check with Rob Moore in parts at 800-701-9993)

Anyway I talked with Webasto Thermosystems and here is my burner info:

Heater Model DBW 2010
Voltage/Power 12V/60W
Output 11.6 kW/45,000 BTU
Fuel Diesel
Max Operating Pressure 2 Bar/29 PSI
Installed in 1994-1995
Bearings Set # 378313
Clutch Half Part # 350516
Drive Motor part # 5010192A
Ident # 447919 Version 45
Serial number 1 or maybe 11 164804 or maybe 164304
Webasto Thermosystems
Madison Heights, MI
Technical Service Person at Webasto was Joe at 800-432-8371
He referred me to the following PDF’s saying I should probably replace the bearings and clutch half first and that might solve the problem. If not I should replace the motor. So I ordered the bearing kit ( about $66) and the clutch half (about $3) and John Wyatt and I tackled the repair. We went from page 56 to page 59 in the manual from the link below.

Everything went well (see the pictures) except that the 15 year old gasket type big O-ring (part number 50412244A) pretty much fell apart in the process and I had not ordered one of those. It would have been nice if someone had suggested that. Anyway, the bearings definitely needed replacement and the motor spun freely so when I get the O-ring gasket and put the motor back in I should be back in business.
And here is a parts list with diagrams
Lee Davis

John Wyatt:

The pictures that Lee claimed he didn't know how to post:
Attached Files
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File Type: pdf Pics 13-18.pdf (1.96 MB, 105 views)
File Type: pdf Pics 19-24.pdf (1.86 MB, 64 views)
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File Type: pdf Pics 31-36.pdf (1.51 MB, 67 views)
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