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Default Racor 30 micron vs 10 micron?

Buying filters for my Cat 3208T...getting ready to do the regular maintenance...and looking to put some in inventory...I am good on the engine oil and air filters, just not sure what I want to do on the Racor

Racor Background:

I have a Racor Model 900 FH,
according to the label, it uses Series 2040 filters.

Choices are:
2040SM - 2 microns (NAPA 3799)
2040TM - 10 microns (NAPA 3209)
2040PM - 30 microns (NAPA 3797)

Currently running on 2040PM (NAPA 3797), and the usual 2 micron fuel filters on the engine...CAT 1R-0750 (or equivalent)

Question: Should I consider the 10 micron version of the Racor fuel filter?
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