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On my 1978 FC I climbed up on the roof with my high powered 18 volt impact screw gun and removed each and every screw, one at a time, and put sealer in the hole and replaced the screw. I also did that with the larger goat rail screws. Some of the goat rail mounting holes were enlarged due to rust, so I used larger bolts where needed. Then insured the gaskets on the other items that are mounted on the roof, like horns, etc. were sealed as well. All my little leaks were cured, and I got to really inspect everything up there as well. I noticed that there was something pushing up the bottom of the storage pod and it had cracked the fiberglass. It had a yellow center and looked like some kind of vent or something. I unbolted the pod it and found a 10 foot Stanley Powerlock measuring tape. I suspect the original pod mounter is still wondering where that tape measure went.

You may as well do all the screws and bolts since you don't find out they are leaking until something else gets damaged, like the headliner or in your case, the laptop.
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