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Originally Posted by GregOC View Post
Nothing on the 450 is unique compared to a plywood and fiberglass countrycoach other than the stainless steel construction. Both have multiplex switching and a over complicated 50 amp power share system that causes confusion and concern. One good thing about your timing in taking advantage of Randys 450 is they are 100 grand under a stainless comparable Prevost and will level out at the same price. I feel a 2005 bb450 will be 100 grand in 10 years .a 2005 Three slide Prevost 100 but I wonder the resale value of a Country Coach.

I do like the level floor slide system in some country coach rigs.

It is intimidating buying a new coach. Moving away from HWH (I'm surprised they use Bigfoot) and all of the other systems I have become familiar with over 15 years. Two inverters....I don"t think any CC has two. At least it never seems to be mentioned. Heck the Newells (air doors and seals) and older Prevost intimidate me too!

Maybe we should start with a 380. Heck we haven't even toured a BB yet!!!
Thanks for your input!

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