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Default Elect. sys. remodel - suggestions wanted

I'm in the early stages of a complete remodel on my 84FC35SB and first up is the electrical system.

One thing that would make the design simpler is to disconnect the two 30A runs and only use the 50A connector with a “cheater” adapter on the 50A cord.

If I understand this correctly the only downside to this is if you hook up to shore power you will be limited to 30A MAX and never have the infrequently used option of connecting to two separate 30A supplies. Is this the ONLY downside? Have I over looked something?

I'm also convinced I'm going to need a separate house battery bank for the type of travel we anticipate so I will have one alternator, one shore hook-up and one generator (currently being refurbed for reliable operation). If anyone have done a similar remodel, I would absolutely love for you to share what you did. When I look at the options I'm overwhelmed by the choices and I've got to solidify this design soon.

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