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Default 50 amp power

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RE: 1984FCSB

I'm trying to trace out why I trip GFIs in the 50A position and not with one leg of the 30A cable hooked up.

I've got the dinette seat off and am confronted by two "mystery" components.

Anyone tell me what the little black plastic box (about 5 wires w/ a red and white wire on side terminals) mounted on top of the 50A switch housing is?

There is a 10A relay in the compartment with the switch housing mounted on a socket. Any clues on it's function would also be appreciated.

On our first trip out the genset ran great no problems, got to the campground as soon as I plugged into 50 shore power I got a hot to neutral short indication. Called the plant talked to Jessie in tech support he told me "that there were a lot of problems with the switch in the PT it is located just forward of the Rt wheel well under the copilot seat and there had been a mod to install drains and repair damaged areas". If you have never taken part of your bird apart in the summer in Biloxi MS with no power you have not lived. After taking the seat out, taking carpet loose, taking out a whole bunch of screws and a few other thing. I was able to get the switch out. My problem was the safeline module that was connected to the shore power hots on one side and the neutral on the other. cut all of the problems. Now I have to do a walk around and see that big yellow cord hanging out of the electrical box. Do not know how all of the S.O.B driver prevent ripping park power systems out without those two light on the instrument panel letting them know .
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