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If you have those remote heater/ac switches like Craig (and I) then those each consume 160ma+ when activated. I have one of these relays sucking 500ma, it must have been ready to die. Replace with solid state relays to reduce that draw to nearly nothing or leave the switches off.

Check out the LP solenoid, that takes 750ma on an LXI, but might be different on yours! This is a big one.

I believe there was some sort of DC filter in a lot of these coaches, I would probably toss that in the garbage if you have it.

Radios take a little bit when turned off, but powered on if that makes sense. Like turning the key on in your car, but turning the radio off. They typically take a lot more power in this mode than key-off with just the positive wire that's connected to power the memory in it.

Your SP probably has more hidden loads than mine, but you should be able to get it down to almost nothing.
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