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Default Shade Success

My shade structure for Burning Man was a very big success. The 70% Aluminet shade cloth was great and is very light and easy to handle even though it is 30' by 30'. The wind did not flap it very much and seemed to move through it. The coach stayed within a few degrees of the outside temperature at all times without using the AC. When we wanted to be inside the AC would pull the temperature down pretty quickly. By the time we went to bed at 10-12 the coach was cool.

We parked the coach with the door facing North and the ends facing east-west. I put the silver windscreen shade on the outside of the windshield. In the future I would include a 100% sunblock screen over the front and rear of the bus which would have kept the bus cool for another couple hours in the morning and keep it cool in the evening when the sun was hitting the end.

The poles holding the shade cloth up are military surplus aluminum poles with a top designed to hold the cloth. They are 4' long and fit together. I used 2 to make an 8-foot pole. I got these locally at an army surplus store.

Sorry for the bad pictures but I did not take my camera - the playa is hard on cameras.

This shows the pvc rigs and my furnace filter box over the Fantastic.

The front porch.

I put solar garden lights to illuminate the ropes and stakes at night.
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