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Originally Posted by Lee Davis View Post
Also, we got this idea from John McGinnis, but we bought one of those relatively small squirrel cage fans (our is made by Stanley and was about $50 and is surprisingly powerful). We use it in the aisle in the middle of the bus in the bathroom and turn it from front to back depending on which way we want the air to go if we are only using one air conditioner.(like on 30 amp or at night when we only want the front one running because trying to sleep with the rear one on is a little loud). That has saved us quite a bit of money when the electricity is not included. So far the most we have ever had to pay for power is about $150/mo (in Florida during the winter and a couple of other times when we got caught in some 90-100 degree heat for a while)

If it's 100 degrees (like now in Colorado )I will run both air conditioners from late morning to evening to keep up, and then switch in the evening to the back air conditioner with the fan blowing forward, then switch to the front one with the fan blowing back when we go to bed. It's a pretty good system.
And that fan uses a whole lot less power than an air conditioner.

The fans are also great for keep the pesky flying bugs out of the coach as well. Just point it facing the door and it blows them away when you enter the coach, we learned that in Canada with the black flies & their national bird the 2 foot wingspan mosquito.
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