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Originally Posted by hansruys View Post
Thanks for all the help and advice,
now that I've owned the coach a couple of months,
I've had the time to experience dry camping
and waking up to dead batteries a few times.
(my coach was parked for five years before my purchase)

After doing some research and some head scratching,
I was leaning towards replacing the entire battery bank
with Trojan Golf cart batteries,
I pulled the forklift batteries out (100lbs each)
loaded them in my truck and drove to the local battery supply store.

Before I purchased, I asked them to "load check" my cores.
Turns out that 2 of the 4, L16 (forklift batteries) were still good,
I guess the two "dead" batteries were pulling the good ones down overnight.

Since the Forklift batteries have twice the amp hours of the golf cart batteries,
I purchased two more L16 Trojans ($500)
bringing me back to a total of 4 L16 and a 8D starter battery,
I just checked the voltage yesterday
and after two weeks they are still at 12.7 volt.

Next step will be some solar panels,
just enough to keep the batteries charged up.
Not a good idea mixing old and new batteries. Even though the old ones load est ok, they will have different charging and drain characteristics from age and that is not good for he new ones. Do some research on the net and you will find more on the issues.
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