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Default SP36 - will not start

1990 SP36 - on the way home from a camping trip in northern MI I experienced a surging while on cruise control as well as the inability to disengage the cruise control by either stepping on the brake or switching off the cruise with the switch. I initially thought this maybe a faulty ground, loose wire or failing controller so I drove without the cruise control. Once I got home I turned off the engine. Emptied the bus, had dinner, then went to start the engine in order to return the bus to the storage lot. The key did nothing. It was like the anti-theft switch was on, but it was not. The batteries gages looked OK but I tried jumping the starting batteries and still had nothing at the switch. I disconnected and cleaned all the battery terminals, still nothing. I used the jumper cables to try to establish a better ground connection, still nothing. So the bus is in front of my condo for tonight and I am looking for some ideas of what could be the issue here and if it could be related to the failed cruise control. Tomorrow I will check out the started solenoid. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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