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Originally Posted by mose View Post
I recently did exactly what you are talking about. I thought I posted it somewhere, but maybe only a comment.

My bus had two phone jacks, one by the couch and one in the bedroom. They had chrome wall plate covers. So I punched round holes in the plates with a conduit knockout punch and then installed some of these:

Ones with volt meter

round or rectangular pair

Then back in the outside cable bay, I removed the old phone jack, added a fuse, borrowed 12V from a local circuit, and used the old phone wiring to send 12V to the USB adapters. Since the phone cable has 4 wires, I doubled them up to prevent voltage drop and fused accordingly for 2*22ga wire.

Worked great and no need to pull new wire.
Originally Posted by mose View Post
Now that I look at the picture, I need to do something with that useless, ugly cable TV hookup....
Mose, great idea and a good job doing it. I might even be able to handle this one with your instructions.

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