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If the rusty exhaust pipe in the engine compartment is any indication, I'm bettin' that fire was caused by a rusted through muffler allowing hot exhaust to kindle the fire.

Here's a picture perfect example to remind all BB owners whose coach has the exhaust running out the top to check that exhaust system, especially the muffler for rust. The design of these systems require holes in the roof around where the exhaust exits to help remove the radiant heat from the muffler. Consequently, that allows rainwater to enter the area and cause accelerated rust on the muffler and pipes. The heat and water will also dererriorate the insulation on the walls around the muffler tunnel and needs to be inspected regularily. This design really promotes a fire hazard that requires its being watched after carefully.

Coned replacement mufflers and drain lines have been retrofitted on most coaches which helps reduce the potential fire danger but doesn't eliminate it.

Some owners have wrapped the muffler in an insulation blanket in hopes that will protect the muffler from rusting. However, from what I have seen on some other coaches that I have inspected; the insulation blanket accelerated the deterrioration of the muffler because the moisture gets trapped inside the blanket and causes the muffler to quickly rust.

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