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Originally Posted by cdamen View Post
My fan motor doesn't seem to run. Is it supposed to run all the time? I had the gen running today, the water got up to about 200 and the fan did not come on so I shut it off. I was wondering if someone switched to the hayden on this particular gen. The fan motor heated up to about 160 but never started . Does that indicate that the motor may be bad? Is the fan motor 120V? The Onan manuals don't seem to have anything on the cooling of the gen.
I had the bus out two weeks ago to exercise it and top the tank, all worked fine but I never checked if the gen fan was running. I suppose if it was to overheat it would shut off by itself?
The fan should run all the time, it is a 208 volt fan and a good indication that the Gennie is producing 220 volts. The motor or starting capacitor is probably defective if the all circuits are powered with 120V.
The Kubota engine will soon overheat or shut down if the overtemp circuit is operational.
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