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Default Fuel Tank leaking.

We discovered a fuel leak coming from the tank area of our coach at 5pm. We could find no help in the Lewiston/ Clarkston area so we drove back to Bend,OR that night. The leak was about 2 quarts an hour estimated and fuel tank was 3/4 full.

After close inspection, it was found that the road side tank was leaking above the crossover connection between the two tanks.
The tank has been removed. Apparently one of the many seam welds was cracked about 5 inches long near the bottom of the tank and was leaking. The curbside tank was inspected in place and appears to be sound.

The plan is to get a new tank if possible, however the manufacturer said Blue bird still has rights to that tank. So we have to go thru Bluebird to get a new tank.

If that does not work, an attempt to repair the tank will be made.
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