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Default WiFi Repeater and Antenna

I was asked about what Repeater I installed from another Thread, so I thought it may be of some interest to others and inspire others to do this addition. I have to give credit to others, for ideas for mounting and attachment. I used my MIG to create my mount for attachment with U-bolts.
First off, I purchaed the products supplied by SimpleWifi ( I choose to purchase a complete system (so no one complain that the components were incompatible - they say that Repeater works with everything). The system I had chosen is the Long Range WiFi Repeater ( ) includes Antenna 15dBi with a built in mount, a bullet type Repeater, 50 feet of Ethernet Cable, a Router ( I choose to upgrade so that the router would have dual antennas for a little bit more strength) and a POE adapter (POE = Power Over Ethernet - which supplies 12vdc to the repeater that is attached to the antenna)
This company uses a Repeater that with their software lists all the Wifi signals (using your laptop or whatever) that the external antenna finds. You choose the strongest signal that is not security protected or is a WiFi that you are given the security password for. The software creates the connection to the Wifi Hotspot that you chose and lets you know that the connection has been established. This established WiFi signal is put through to your Router (which you can create your own Router unique Name and Security password) and all your devices will now be connected.
Ok, now for the installation. First off, I created a tubular mount using 1 inch electrical conduit and welded it together, this created the offset to clear the SpaceShip antenna, since I was using the extending legs for rising and lowering the WiFi antenna. The welded mount is "H" shaped with a double horizontal cross bar center. The vertical bars - one side is cut length wise to create a "U" shape that slips over the existing SpaceShip leg system and is clamped on with 3 U bolts ( I like using 3, for if one loosens, it can't flop around). The other vertical is a full section of conduit and is used with and clamping arrangement supplied with the WiFi antenna.
The second item I made is for extra protection to the Repeater. The Repeater is screwed onto the bottom end of the WiFi antenna and looks like it may vibrate as we drive along, while it is in a horizontal position in it's stored position. So I used PVC pipe to create a cover that starts on the base of the antenna and covers the length of the attached Repeater and a little extra so that the Ethernet cable could have a few loops of stain relief in it also. The PVC pipe was slit part ways to accept the web section between the WiFi antenna and it's attached mount, so it could slipped into place. An extra 2 inch wide piece of PVC was cut and made to fit the PVC gap between antenna. I place a Closed Cell Foam between the PVC and Router, to reframe the Repeater from moving (vibrating). I then attached a - screw on cap, at the end, which I modified with a 1/4 inch slit in the male thread section for the Ethernet Cable to exit (or for the Ethernet cable to be removed in the future). This PVC section is held in place with a 3 inch Ubolt, which goes around the PVC and then through the WiFi antenna mount, which has three mounting locations. The other two mounting locations are used for attaching the "H" tubular mount.( SimplyWifi supplies two 3 inch U bolts and two clamping arrangements.) This assembly was then sealled around the top and the slit along the antenna mount. Note - I placed the slit (by the cap) so that it would be in a downward position in it's stored (traveling) position, so if any water did get into the assembly it would drain out, (so this area is unsealed)
The Ethernet was placed in a protective cover to protect it from chaffing along the roof of the coach and glued down to the roof with Dicor Unsag and Zip Tied where appropriate. The Ethernet was then run down into the coach through a clam shell that was being used for the Musical horn and CB antenna.
The Ethernet was run to the electronics compartment the holds the Satellite Dish controller. The Router was then installed upside down (for clearance reasons) and 2 Power Modules where plugged into a powerstrip (the 12vdc is for the POE and the 9vdc is for the Router.
And that is it - easy!! 2 days worth - LOL but I was working alone
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