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Originally Posted by Thumbqdm View Post
Talton, I recently wired my '06 Wrangler toad for flat towing. I know the Land Cruiser has a separate yellow turn signal above the stop lamp. My suggestion is ignore the turn signal on the toad and wire only to the stop lamp. I'm assuming you are connecting to the actual toads wiring harness. Are you disconnecting the toads rear harness or are you okay with back-feeding the electronics? Paul
That's basically my option number one. I tried messing around with doing exactly that late last night. However, I stopped getting any output for brakes on either the bus or the toad about that time.

It was too late to turn on the engine without waking up my neighbors, so I'm not sure if there was something else preventing the brake lights from coming on at that point. The bus was pretty much aired down at that point. I wouldn't expect the lack of air for the brakes to also prevent the brake lights from functioning, but I never actually tested it before, so maybe that's all it was.

For the wiring, I basically ran all new wires from the front of the toad, through the firewall, and to the back tail lights. I'm spliced into the wires for each light there, but I put diodes in line on each of the existing wires to prevent feedback. I'm not sure how much back-feeding would impact the electronics on the toad, but I didn't want to risk it. The diodes were pretty cheap, but it took a little time to attach connectors to them and the wires.
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